E. Visser. Program Transformation with Stratego/XT: Rules, Strategies, Tools, and Systems in StrategoXT-0.9. In C. Lengauer et al., editors, Domain-Specific Program Generation, volume 3016 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 216--238. Spinger-Verlag, June 2004. (techrep)


Stratego/XT is a framework for the development of transformation systems aiming to support a wide range of program transformations. The framework consists of the transformation language Stratego and the XT collection of transformation tools. Stratego is based on the paradigm of rewriting under the control of programmable rewriting strategies. The XT tools provide facilities for the infrastructure of transformation systems including parsing and pretty-printing. The framework addresses the entire range of the development process; from the specification of transformations to their composition into transformation systems. This paper gives an overview of the main ingredients involved in the composition of transformation systems with Stratego/XT, where we distinguish the abstraction levels of rules, strategies, tools, and systems.


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