Binary Translation Products

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Commercial products related to Binary Translation

  • Dynamite from Transitive Technologies is a binary translation product with various front ends, back ends, and a "Dynamite Kernel". This kernel does most of the runtime optimisation on an intermediate representation of the code. The overhead seems to be quite low (200-300K of RAM), making it suitable for embedded applications.

  • Insignia Solutions Home Page. Insignia led the emulation market, but in 1996 they sold that technology FWB software (see RealPC below). They now specialise in Java VMs (see their Jeode page).

  • RealPC is a product to run PC (ISA) programs on Solaris. It uses a combination of interpretation and binary translation. Supports SPARC, PowerPC and MIPS targets. There is also a version for the Power Macintosh.

  • Sun's Wabi(tm) for Solaris v.2 translated MS Windows 3.x binaries to run on Solaris. The Wabi project was closed in 1997. Read Byte Magazine's 1994 review.

  • Willows Software's TWIN XPDK MS Windows emulator for Unix, MacOS and OS/2.

  • Simics from Virtutech is a system-level instruction set simulator. Simics can simulate a variety of target systems, including systems based on the PC (x86 and x86-64), SPARC V9, PowerPC, and Alpha architectures.