Generative Programming and Component Engineering

Generative Programming and Component Engineering
Chair: Gabor Karsai

This panel will discuss crucial questions about the state and future of Generative Programming. Panelists include: D. Batory, K. Czarnecki, J. Gray, D. Schmidt, and W. Taha, all leading researchers in and contributors to the field of the GP. The tentative topics for discussion include:

  • What good is generative programming for anyway?
  • How do we teach GP?
  • What are standard challenge problems ("benchmarks") for GP?
  • How do we evaluate GP approaches?
  • What are the current and future directions in GP?

The panelists will present a short position statement on these topics, followed by open discussion involving the audience.

Position Statements

These are the slides that the panelists used to present there position statements.

  • Opening by Gabor Karsai?
  • Don Batory?
  • Jeff Gray?
  • Doug Schmidt?
  • Krzysztof Czarnecki?
  • Walid-Taha?