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Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
The data-flow diagram below shows the main tools from the StrategoXT and SDF2 packages. The red edges indicate the standard composition of a transformation system consisting of a parser, a transformation component (trafo), and a pretty-printer for programs in language Lang. The blue edges show the generation of components for this transformation system. The black edges show other tools.

Composition of a transformation system using files

  • sglri -p Lang.tbl -i file.lang -o file.ast
  • trafo -i file.ast -o file-trafo.ast
  • ast2text -p Lang.pp -i file-trafo.ast -o file-trafo.lang

using pipes

  • sglri -p Lang.tbl -i file.lang | trafo | ast2text -p Lang.pp -o file-trafo.lang


-- EelcoVisser - 11 Jan 2003