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Inter Wikis


Inter-Wiki Link Rules (or Links to other Sites)

This topic lists all aliases needed to map Inter-Site links to external wikis/sites.

Whenever you write ExternalSite:Page it will be linked automatically to the page on the external site. The link points to the URL corresponding to the ExternalSite alias below, concatenated to the Page you choose. Example: Type Wiki:RecentChanges to get Wiki:RecentChanges, the RecentChanges page at the original Wiki site.

How to define Inter-Site links

  • Inter-Site links are defined in the tables below.
  • Each entry must be of format:
    | External site alias | URL | Tooltip help text |.
  • The URL and Tooltip Text may contain optional $page variables; the variable gets expanded to the page name.
  • Note: The Tooltip Text must not contain any HTML tags (including <nop> escape code), no internal WikiWord links, and no external links. Hint: Escape 'WikiWords' and '$page'.

General Inter-Site Links

Alias: URL: Tooltip Text:
Acronym$page&String=exact Look up '$page' on Acronym Finder site
Dictionary Look up '$page' at
Google Search for '$page' on Google
Group News group '$page' at
ISBN Book with ISBN#$page (One click patent? Say no to Amazon!)
RFC$page.html IETF RFC #$page

Inter-Wiki Links

Alias: up URL: Tooltip Text:
ZWiki '$page' on Zope's Wiki
Wikipedia '$page' on 'Wikipedia'
Wiki '$page' on the original 'WikiWikiWeb' site
VisualWorks '$page' on 'VisualWorks' site
UseMod '$page' on 'UseMod' Wiki site
TWiki '$page' on
Squeak '$page' on Squeak Smalltalk Wiki
PyWiki '$page' on Wiki site written in Python
PPR '$page' on the original 'PortlandPatternRepository' site
PolitizenWiki '$page' on 'PolitizenWiki' site
PhpWiki '$page' on Wiki site written in PHP
OrgPatterns '$page' on Organizational Patterns site
MuWeb '$page' on 'MuWeb' site
MoinMoin '$page' on 'MoinMoin' Wiki site
MeatBall '$page' on 'MeatBall' site, a 'UseMod' Wiki variant
MbTest '$page' on 'UseMod' Wiki variant
LegoWiki '$page' on 'LegoWiki' site
HammondWiki '$page' on 'HammondWiki' site
FoxWiki '$page' on Fox Wiki site
DolphinWiki$page.htm '$page' on Dolphin Wiki site
C2find Search '$page' on the original 'WikiWikiWeb' site
Advogato '$page' on Advogato community site (with peer review)

Note: This topic is powered by the InterwikiPlugin.