Generative Success Stories

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This page lists examples of successful application of GenerativeProgramming.

  • The RislaLanguage is a DSL for interest rate products. It was initially developed in the early 1990's and has since survived competition with other product lines in a series of bank mergers. -- JoostVisser - 25 Apr 2002
  • The Rockwell Software product, "Enterprise Controls", is a system for defining factory control software, comprising a graphical DSL for specifying factory actions and a retargetable code generator ("RCG") that generates low-level controller code to carry out those actions. The RCG is based on the DMSSoftwareReengineeringToolkit, uses program transformations as the principal means to compose abstractions, refine to low level code, and carry out strong symbolic boolean equation optimizations. Using the notion of multiple notational domains, the RCG generates codes for two very different controllers in Rockwell's line of factory controller computers, thus generatively producing a SoftwareProductLine.