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This page lists tools that are relevant to generative programming. Only brief descriptions of tools are given. For further information on the various tools, links are provided to the Tools subwiki are given, or to other sites.

  • ANGIEGenerationNow!
  • ASFandSDFMetaEnvironment. From the perspective of generative programming, this term rewriting system is interesting because it allows programming in concrete syntax. Consequently, it combines a template-based and transformation-based approach to generative programming. -- JoostVisser - 25 Apr 2002
  • DMSSoftwareReengineeringToolkit is a toolset for automating the analysis, enhancement, or translation of arbitrary computer languages using attribute evaluators and source-to-source transformations. In the context of generative programming, it is primarily used to define DomainSpecificLanguages and corresponding code generators, but DMS has a wide variety of other practical applications to conventional programming languages.
  • CodeWorker is a scripting language intended to describe grammars of DSLs and template-based scripts for code generation and the automation of the development process.
  • GenericModelingEnvironment
  • DOME
  • DracoSystem
  • GenVoca
  • Hyperworx is a platform for developing domain-specific visual programming languages developed by ChrisRussell
  • IntentionalProgramming
  • ivy*meta SDTB, also known as MetaTool, used to parse a textual language and generate a variety of products.
  • MetaEditPlus
  • PatternByExample
  • TL (template language using Java and XML)
  • G2 is a generative programming tool with graphical feature model editor and Velocity based template system.
  • StrategoXT is a combination of the transformation language Stratego with the XT toolset for constructing transformation systems. Capabilities include: rewrite rules, programmable rewriting strategies, user-definable concrete syntax for object languages, support for source driven and target driven generation, transformation of generated code, generation of parsers and pretty-printers.

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