Program Transformation Org

Program-Transformation.Org: The Program Transformation Wiki is dedicated to collecting, organizing and disseminating information about all aspects of ProgramTransformation.

The site is completely based on WikiWikiWeb, a system for collaborative web development. This means that you cannot only read information about ProgramTransformation, but also add information to this site -- see the TWikiTutorial. was founded in April 2000 by EelcoVisser. The site is hosted by the Institute of Information and Computing Sciences of Utrecht University.

WebNews keeps track of important changes on the site. A more detailed view of all changes in the wiki pages is available in WebChanges.

The site is divided into a number of webs:

  • Main: users, site maintenance, ...
  • Transform: surveys of ProgramTransformation
  • Tools: documentation of transformation tools in the XT bundle
  • Hpc?: home of a course on high-performance compilers
  • Sg?: home of a course on software generation

The Stratego web is the home of the site that shares this TWiki.