Fusion Of Stratego And XT

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
In StrategoRelease08 an extension of Stratego with concrete syntax is provided. This extension requires a tighter integration with SDF and several of the XT tools. In effect, this has resulted in the dependency of Stratego on a large part of the XT packages. Therefore, a Stratego distribution can no longer be built without these packages.

Starting with StrategoRelease09, the Stratego and XT source trees (and CVS repositories) have been merged into StrategoXT.

The distribution of the ATermLibrary and the SDF tools (parser generator and sglr) have been factored out of the StrategoXT distribution, because (1) these packages are produced by the CWI group, (2) the development is independent, (3) the functionality of ATermLibrary and SDF is quite stable from the perspective of Stratego, i.e., not every Stratego distribution needs a new ATerm and SDF distribution.

A first beta release (StrategoXT-0.9beta1) is available from


along with distributions of the ATermLibrary and SDF.

The integration of Stratego and XT was also needed because development was stagnating. Now the combined CVS repository is available to all Stratego developers, so badly needed improvements and extensions of XT packages can be undertaken.

-- EelcoVisser - 14 Nov 2002