Web News


  • Modified the TWiki code such that the variable definitions in a topic are considered as well. This is particularly useful for defining the SKIN of a topic. By setting the skin to notitle, the topic name at the top of the page is not included. This makes it possible to provide an entry page such as WebHome with a custom header. Examples: WebHome and WorkshopOnRuleBasedProgramming.


  • Upgraded the TWiki to the 20011120 beta release, which supports FormattedSearch


  • The twiki is now really installed under the program-transformation.org and stratego-language.org domains. This means it is now possible to make bookmarks of individual topics.

  • User authentication is now based on .htaccess. This means that fiddling with re-registration is no longer needed. Now you have to fill in your wiki name and password to be able to edit pages. Some pages can be edited even by TWikiGuest; use guest as password. You know whether you are logged in if your WikiName shows up in the last item in the sidebar (instead of TWikiGuest).

  • All user pages have been moved to the Oldmain? web. Because of the new registration procedure, it is necessary for you to re-register. If you had information on your old user page you can find it in TWikiUsers? and copy it to the new page. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  • The wiki is based on the September 2001 version of TWiki. It has powerful new features. See TWiki.WebHome for more information.

  • The twiki is no longer tweaked to use all uppercase words as wiki-links, as was the old one at losser. However, it is possible to force links by enclosing the word in [ [ ... ] ]. This can be used to make such links work again. Note that this has not been done yet.