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Tiger in Stratego -- Compilation by Program Transformation

New organization of the TigerCompiler and specification of many components using concrete Tiger syntax, which makes specifications much more readable.


After finishing the basic TigerCompiler, the final assignment is to add an optimizer.

All CompilerComponents of the TigerCompiler have a page on this site. Using the INCLUDE mechanism of TWiki it is possible to include code from the distributions of the packages and comment on it.


New versions of the TigerCompiler packages are available. They should still work with XT-0.8. The new versions of TigerTrans and ASM provide a new interface between instruction selection and register allocation using PROC and STRING fragments.


This weeks assignment is to implement instruction selection.


The wiki has been upgraded to a new version and moved to the www.cs.uu.nl webserver. The authentication of users now works through htaccess. This requires that all users reregister at TWikiRegistration in order to create a password.


New/First versions of the TigerFront, TigerTrans, and TigerXmpl packages are now available.

As assignments for this week first translate expressions by hand and then translate expressions to intermediate representation.

All the Stratego slides from Software Generation and the slides for this course are now available from HpcSlides.


Starting Monday, November 5, meetings will be from 13-15 in room CGZ E040.

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