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Below the main pages of the ReengineeringWiki are listed. It provides an overview of the topics currently discussed.

The map below is partly generated automatically based on the Category mechanism -- force the cache if you feel an update is appropriate.

If you feel a topic is missing, create a page for it, and put it in the proper category (or create a new category).

Pages on ReEngineering

CategoryReengineeringPages: pages dealing with ReEngineering topics.

Number of topics: 14

The name ends with the somewhat unusual ``Pages'' in order to be able to distinguish it from CategoryReengineeringWiki when performing searches -- ArieVanDeursen, 19 Feb 2002.


Pages on ReverseEngineering

CategoryReverseEngineering: pages devoted to ReverseEngineering.

Number of topics: 25


Pages on SoftwareEvolution

CategorySoftwareEvolution: Pages devoted to SoftwareEvolution

Number of topics: 26


Pages on ProgramUnderstanding

CategoryProgramUnderstanding: pages devoted to ProgramUnderstanding.

Number of topics: 13


Pages on DeCompilation

CategoryDecompilation: pages devoted to DeCompilation.

Number of topics: 103


Pages on BinaryTranslation

CategoryBinaryTranslation: pages devoted to BinaryTranslation.

Number of topics: 10


Reengineering Tutorials

CategoryTutorial: Category of tutorial articles in the areas of ProgramTransformation, ReverseEngineering, ...

Number of topics: 10


The RigiSystem

CategoryRigi: all pages containing the word "CategoryRigi" are devoted to the RigiSystem.

Number of topics: 21


Pages Devoted to WCRE

CategoryWcre: Pages on WCRE

Number of topics: 8


Other Categories of Interest:

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