Tiger Language

Tiger in Stratego -- Compilation by Program Transformation
Tiger is the example programming language used in AndrewAppel's textbook on ModernCompilerImplementationInML.

Language features

  • data types
    • integers
    • strings
    • arrays
    • records
  • nested declarations
    • variable declarations
    • function definitions
    • type declarations
  • assignment (destructive update)
  • control-flow
    • if-then-else
    • if-then
    • while
    • for

The Tiger language reference is in the ModernCompilerImplementationInML book. There are also some references on the web. For example:

The signature for Tiger used in the TigerCompiler is documented in TigerAbstractSyntax

WebHome is a framework for the implementation of a TigerCompiler in the StrategoLanguage.

The TigerCompiler compiles Tiger programs to MIPS assembly code.


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