London 2012

Working Group on Language Design
The first official meeting of IFIP TC2 WG2.16 was held in London Feb 27 - Mar 2 2012 at Imperial College, hosted by Susan Eisenbach. The general post-meeting consensus was that we succeeded in having a rich and interesting discussion, and that the format was an improvement over the inaugural meeting. Suggestions for further refinements are encouraged on the mailing list. See PlanningLondon2012 for the pre-meeting plans.

Themes and Memes

An emergent theme of discussion was the evaluation of programming language designs. We had wide-ranging perspectives including hard empiricism, mathematical elegance, and critical design theory. We started work on a joint manifesto: The Kensington Criteria.

Tijs van der Storm gave a talk on "language design smells" in which he proposed an initial taxonomy. Talk of such smells repeatedly arose in later discussions, particularly William Cook's "everything is an x" smell.

We are looking forward to continuing the conversation at Austin2012.


Name Talk Slides
Jonathan Aldrich Permission-Based Programming Aldrich.pdf?
William R. Cook Managed Data: Rolling You Own Data Structuring Mechanism  
Sophia Drossopoulou Trust the Clones; Zeno Drossopoulouclones.pdf? Drossopoulouzeno.pdf?
Jonathan Edwards Problems of Application Programming Edwards.pdf?
Susan Eisenbach Shared Memory Concurrency: Lock Inference Eisenbach.pdf?
Erik Ernst Working with stack intervals rather than invocations, applied to data structure traversal  
Stefan Hanenberg Controlled experiments for the empirical evaluation of programming language constructs: type systems as an example Hanenberg.pdf?
Magne Haveraaen Can I reason about the code?  
Robert Hirschfeld Design Research and Programming Hirschfeld.pdf?
Roberto Ierusalimschy Small is Beautiful: the design of LUA Ierusalimschy.pdf?
Daan Leijen Koka  
Jan-Willem Maessen Bulk Operations on Indexed Collections Maessen.pdf?
Sean McDirmid Escape from the maze of twisty classes McDirmid.pdf?
James Noble State of Grace Noble.pdf?
Tijs van der Storm Language Design Smells Storm.pdf?
Don Syme Information Rich Programming  
Tom Van Cutsem Evolution in programming language design? VanCutsem.pdf?
Eelco Visser Spoofax language workbench (demonstration) Spoofax

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