Download And Installation

Tiger in Stratego -- Compilation by Program Transformation
The distribution of the Tiger in Stratego project.


Source (.tar.gz) and RPM distributions are available at:

The latest official release is 1.2, but using this version is strongly discouraged (it is very old: Jan 2003. Please use the latest unstable release in at the previous URL)

Subversion repository

To checkout the latest sources:

svn checkout


To build and use the tiger package, a complete installation of StrategoXT, SDF2, and the ATerm library is needed. These dependencies can be obtained from the StrategoDownload page.

Installation of Source Distribution

The Tiger source distribution is a tar file compressed with gzip. The source trees are configured using AutoMake? and AutoConf? and require GNU Make (gmake) for building.

Installation of the tiger package involves the following steps:

> gunzip tiger-1.2.tar.gz
> tar xf tiger-1.2.tar
> cd tiger-1.2
> ./configure --prefix=/tmp/tiger --with-xt=/usr
> gmake
> gmake install

This assumes that StrategoXT, aterm, and sdf2 are installed in /usr.

Installation of Subversion Snapshots

To build and install the subversion snapshot, or a direct checkout of the repository, it is necessary to create the makefiles and configure script using the bootstrap script.

> svn checkout <see above>
> cd tiger
> ./bootstrap
> ./configure --prefix=/tmp/tiger --with-xt=/usr
> gmake install

Note that it is necessary to gmake install instead of gmake, since the subpackages depend on each other. This assumes that StrategoXT, aterm, and sdf2 are installed in /usr.

-- EelcoVisser - 24 Sep 2003