Download And Installation

Tiger in Stratego -- Compilation by Program Transformation
The distribution of the Tiger in Stratego project.


Source (.tar.gz) and RPM distributions are available at: (scroll to the Tiger releases)

The latest official release is 1.2, but using this version is discouraged (use the latest unstable release in at the previous URL)

Subversion repository

To checkout the latest sources:

  svn checkout


To build and use the tiger package, a complete installation of StrategoXT, SDF2, and the ATerm library is needed. These dependencies can be obtained from the StrategoDownload page.

Installation of Source Distribution

The Tiger source distribution is a tar file compressed with gzip. The source trees are configured using AutoMake? and AutoConf? and require GNU Make (gmake) for building.

Installation of the tiger package involves the following steps:

> gunzip tiger-1.2.tar.gz
> tar xf tiger-1.2.tar
> cd tiger-1.2
> ./configure --prefix=/tmp/tiger --with-xt=/usr
> gmake
> gmake install

This assumes that StrategoXT, aterm, and sdf2 are installed in /usr.

Installation of Subversion Snapshots

To build and install the subversion snapshot, or a direct checkout of the repository, it is necessary to create the makefiles and configure script using the bootstrap script.

> svn checkout <see above>
> cd tiger
> ./bootstrap
> ./configure --prefix=/tmp/tiger --with-xt=/usr
> gmake install

Note that it is necessary to gmake install instead of gmake, since the subpackages depend on each other. This assumes that StrategoXT, aterm, and sdf2 are installed in /usr.

-- EelcoVisser - 24 Sep 2003